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managing director macquarie concrete group
Lewis Taouk

Managing Director
qs and operations manager macquarie concrete group
Graeme Simons

QS & Ops Manger
head foreman macquarie concrete group
Lance Ingram

Head Foreman
the 'architect' macquarie concrete group
Gebril Taouk

The 'Architect'

Lewis   Taouk - Managing   Director

profile managing director macquarie concrete group

The “Art of Residential & Commercial Concrete Formwork” virtually runs through Lewis’s veins having been involved in the Industry since hitting his teen years.

Now 34, Lewis has lived, breathed & learnt the business of concrete Formwork from his Father, a veteran in the concrete Formwork construction Industry.

Undoubtedly Lewis is one of the nicest persons you could ever meet and do business with in the Concrete Formwork Industry.

Lewis works by 4 major principles:

1. Knowledge – Keeping up to date with all aspects of his trade so that he can confidently advise, quote and undertake the requirements of his clients

2. Communications - He takes whatever time necessary to understand his clients, suppliers & employees/sub-contractors to ensure total harmony in any given job.

3. Value – With budgets playing an ever increasing role in today’s Construction Industry, Lewis goes out of his way to provide undeniable value within the many paths that Concrete Formwork Job dictates.

4. Attitude – As equally important as his other principles, Lewis believes that always demonstrating proper attitudes imperative is imperative to any job. This principle is evident in the respect he receives from Clients, Employees & Sub Contractors. 

Lewis lives and breathes his responsibilities as Managing Director to:

• Set the overall strategy and direction for the Group

• Developing and maintaining relationships with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders

• Managing the budget and financial performance of the Group

• Ensuring that the Group is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations

• Recruiting, training, and managing employees & sub contractors

• Ensuring the day-to-day operations of the Group, including project management and scheduling via his subordinates

• Plays a huge role in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities for his ever expanding Group

• Making any final decisions that will impact the success of the Group regarding clients, suppliers, employees and sub contractors. 

Graeme   Simons – Head  of  Quality Surveying   (QS)   &  Operations 

profile qs and operations manager macquarie concrete group

Graeme has over 30 years in the Construction Industry and is a dedicated ‘numbers person’.

His responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of QS (Quality Surveying) to ensure all aspects meet specified quality standards.

This includes monitoring compliance with building codes and regulations, and monitoring those who conduct testing and inspections to ensure that the finished project meets the required standards.

Graeme also oversees those who are responsible for creating and implementing quality control plans, and works with project managers and other members of the construction Group to ensure that quality standards are met throughout the construction process. 

He also undertakes the role as Head of Operations that oversees the construction project. This includes overseeing the budget and financial aspects of the project, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Graeme ensures that the safety on the job site is adhered to and is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Graeme plays an important role in coordinating and, when required, communicating with architects, engineers and clients and adds great value with his impeccable knowledge of the Construction Industry.      

Lance   Ingram – Head   Foreman

profile head foreman macquarie concrete group

Lance heads up the role of Head Foreman for Macquarie Concrete Group.  

He is responsible for managing and coordinating his subordinate Foremen at each of the jobs.

This includes but not necessarily limited to his role as Foremen to:

• Supervising the activities construction crews (employees & sub-contractors undertaking formwork.

• Overseeing the installation and removal of forms used to shape and support poured concrete.

• Ensuring that the work is completed according to the plans and specifications.

• Ensuring that the work is completed according to the plans and specifications.

• Maintaining safety on the job site and ensuring that all workers are following proper safety procedures.

• Ordering materials and equipment, scheduling work, and enforcing quality control standards.

• On-site liaison where necessary with representatives of clients of a Formwork job

• Immediately reporting any issues in jobs that are foreseen or have occurred 

Gebril   Taouk - The 'Architect'

profile managing director macquarie concrete group

Mr Taouk has been involved in the Formwork Industry since 1981. 

He is affectionally called the 'Architect' for his amazing ability to work on some of the hardest jobs known.

Consequently, he is perhaps one of the most advanced in knowledge in Australia of Formwork, confidently accepting jobs often seen as ‘too difficult’ by some.

This can include jobs such as:

• Complex structures such as unusual stairway requirements

• Completing formwork on tight deadlines without ever compromising on quality & safety

• Difficult height restrictions

• Counter-levering where formwork extend the building length and/or width

• Specialist concrete retaining walls

Mr Taouk thrives on hard and/or demanding jobs and is always on hand to assist & advise Lewis when necessary to instill in him that no job is too small or too difficult.

When these jobs arise, Mr Taouk willingly accompanies his Son to client meetings that most assuredly builds extreme confidence in clients that their Formwork requirement can be met and often exceeded. 

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