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What we strive for in Formwork

Whilst there are numerous Formwork companies to choose from in Sydney & Australia, our principles allow Macquarie Concrete Group to compete as though we are a favorite in the Olympics!.


Overheads -Keeping our overheads down is vital to ensuring our pricing is very competitive


Staff - We ensure each department's staff have proper experience in the construction industry


Loyalty - We are fortunate to have some of the most loyal & qualified Formwork trades-people in Australia


- We scour Australia & overseas to find the most up-to-date, quality Formwork materials at the keenest prices


Fast Response - We're often called upon to commence jobs at short notice and always leave with amazing results. 


Time Tested - Our family has been in the Formwork & Concrete Industry for over 40 years so we know our trade!  

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About the Macquarie Concrete Group Sydney

Macquarie Concrete Group trading as MNSW Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the long established Family owned business. The family enterprise has been operating for over 40 years in Australia and MNSW Pty Ltd is managed by the Managing Director Lewis Taouk.

Mentored for the past 20 years by his father, Mr Taouk can be considered a veteran in Formwork & Concrete who brings new ideas, techniques & strategies to the business.

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Our staff are our life-blood

 They are what makes our business tick

The  construction industry is only too aware of the often difficult times  it faces in  finding quality and experienced staff... whether they be  full time employees or sub-contractors.

Macquarie Concrete Group is fortunate in that it prides itself in the loyalty of our dedicated trades people who know the Formwork & Concrete Industry like the back of their hand with many having decades in the trade. 

Whether it be those working in the office, or those out on the construction sites,  we consider our staff  to be the life-blood of our business to ensure each and every contract we undertake is fulfilled to our clients wishes. 

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Keeping ahead of the trade

 Materials, technologies & reponsiveness

Because Macquarie Concrete Group is managed by a switched on 'millennial', it goes without saying that this generation is  on the lookout for new & proven methods regarding materials and technologies that can not only  improve the performance of staff but also construction efficiency in the  Formwork & Concrete industry.

Macquarie Concrete Group not only embraces this ideology, but also harness the fact that responsiveness  to clients  is paramount to ensuring costs & schedules are on target and, where  possible, underscored.

We've all heard the saying 'actions speak louder than words', so when dealing with MNSW Pty Ltd, Project Managers, Engineers, Architects , Site Owners & Site Coordinators will acknowledge this saying to be fact.

For Lewis Taouk, &  MNSW  Pty Ltd it's all about relationships for to ensure a 'win-win' 


Match the right company with your Formwork & Concrete jobs 

We'd have to say, we're pretty close to being 'super heroes when it comes to Formwork! We'd love for you to send us along a quick quote request so that we may get in touch with you regarding your Formwork and/or Concrete jobs that you need to have priced! Be assured of a fast response!

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" Lewis is one in a million in this industry.   He goes above and beyond to demonstrate the meaning of the word value.  A true asset to us.

Russell  Pike

Emerald  Constructions 

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We work with various global formwork manufacturing partners to bring our clients total satisfaction!

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